Building Rpg Characters

Learn how to start building great Rpg characters in games like Skyrim and Dark Souls

What makes rpgs so special is that you can make the character you want to your own personality whether you want to be a sorcerer or a warrior you have that choice. In Skyrim and Dark Souls they give you that flexibility to do so. Those two games are the best when it comes to customizing your own character. When it came to Skyrim I would build a assassin archer by leveling up both my archery and sneak. So I would be able to take out my enemy from a distance without them noticing. I had a lot of fun with this build because I could take out a lot of enemies without being notice and the damage was huge because of the critical hits. What made this build even more fun is the dark brotherhood quests. My build was perfect for the assassin missions and it was the most fun I had that and the thief guild quests.


When it came to Dark Souls it give you even more flexibility because it does not matter which class you pick in the beginning because all it does it increases certain stats. If you pick a knight you can still learn magic or faith at the end of the game your character will be not the same as the class you picked. You will properly not even know the name of your build and make up the name for your build. You want to make sure your build is good both for PvP and PVE unless you dont care about PVP but it is a lot of fun. I build a sorcerer build because if you build around the right spells then you got a powerful build and it is a blast to play.

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