My experience with the guitar


So you want to learn to play the guitar? Whether you have aspirations towards rocking the stage, or your more interested in rocking out you bedroom, these tips will insure that you get up and rocking in no time at all.

1. Stringing You Guitar
If your guitar came to you with the strings already on it feel free to skip this step. If not, the way that you string your guitar is that you thread the end of the string through the bridge mechanism (the bridge is where your strumming hand sits) and bring it to wrap it around the tuning pegs. Some guitars you have to thread the string through the body, and with others you thread it through grooves on the top of the body. Consult your guitars manual to find what type of bridge you have.
2. Tuning Your Guitar
A guitar is tuned to the note values EADGBE, from the thickest string to thinnest. You can find either an electronic tuner or an app through your phone that will assist you in the tuning process.
3. Starting To Play
The easiest way to start learning is by learning a beginning riff to a classic song. The easiest among these is Smoke on The Water by Deep Purple. First, hit the thickest string open (without pressing the string downs), then hit the third fret on the thickest string, then the fifth. Now you repeat that figure again but you add on the note at the sixth fret at the end. Next you play this figure again without playing the note at the sixth fret.
Congratulations! You’ve just learned the basics of preparing your guitar to play and your first riff! You’ve taken the first step in a long life pursuit and passion, and I wish you luck on your journey. Be sure to remember to take frequent breaks in your practicing to prevent carpal tunnel or a repetitive strain injury.

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Learning how to sing


The process of creating music has changed over time since people have developed more words, come up with fine-tuned melody, but the desire to express ourselves by singing still remains as solid as ever. Singing is one thing and writing music I another talent altogether. Some individuals possess both skills while others can only be perfect in one; either singing or writing music.

Before coming up with the lyrics of a song, one has to consider the subject matter of the song as this appeals to a specific target audience. When writing songs, one must first work out the structure. Most songs have a detectable formula which starts with the intro, the verse(s) together with a chorus, a bridge, trailed by an additional verse and chorus, and then it is concluded.

The intro. This can either be verbal, instrumental, lyrical, a slice of the chorus, or something totally off the wall.

The verse. This is the main stream of most songs however not necessarily the most vital part. This is the description, relating the scene, or the individual, or an emotion. Time and again there are two or three verses in a row that have the same musical structure, the same rhyme and poetic pattern, but altered words. The second verse displays about the picture painted in the first verse, etc. Most songs have a distinguishable verse structure, although unless you read lyrics on websites, one may not always hear the actual words being said.

The chorus. This is the part where the core of the song comes together since all the verses lead up to the chorus, and is frequently the portion of the song individuals sing along with. The chorus should be simple, easy to master and summarize the theme of the song.

When singing, one has to:

Set the mood. Ensure your composition fits the story. If it is happy, then you may want your melody to induce happiness by rising its or you might want to supplement the lyric with a twist and combine cheerful lyrics in order to generate a sense of relaxation and distinctness.

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Losing weight right

There is the right way to lose weight and the wrong way which does not result in losing weight

So many people want to get in great shape and get those 6 pack abs but the big problem is that a lot of people do it the wrong way which is sometimes worse than not working out at all. The reason I say that is you can get yourself hurt in the process. The thing people have to realize about losing weight is that it is a science behind it and technique. I know why people think that you can just lose weight those jogging but it is much more than that. If you want to lose weight the right way you will need some sort of guide first. Dont worry you dont need to hire an expensive trainer in order to teach but you can buy some great dvds that will teach you the right way. Some of the dvds that i found useful is the venus factor and the fat loss factor. I took a look at these dvds and saw how they arent just a cheap way to lose weight and a diet that does not work but instead it is a life style that changes your life. Unlike other diet plans they dont have an after plan once you finish the program you g back to your old ways. These dvds will help you change habits and start to keep the weight off. Another way to get the weight of is using an ab belt. Now you might think that ab belts is a scam and you are right because a lot of them were scam but there is one that did get great reviews which is the flex belt. This is a belt that will tone your abs and also strengthening your core. With these dvds and equipment you can start getting the shape you want.


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How to ge fit

People wonder how to get fit and the problem is they don;t know how and I hope to help you to get fit

So many people want to get fit but the problem is that so many people don’t know how to get fit and thats an issue. The issue is that so many people lack the knowledge on how to get fit and they keep doing the wrong thing over and over again and don’t see any result and even worse properly get hurt. When you don’t know what you are doing then it could get you hurt and now you got to pay for for medical bill and you can’t workout, which results in not able to get anything done. Don’t feel so bad because not everyone knows that top best ways to get into shape and the a lot of the top guys don’t want to sure their secret ( those scumbags).

You then have people who promise you the world and get in the best shape in your live even though you can still eat as much as you want (which is bs of course). The major issue is that too many people don’t know and the bigger problem too many people pretend to know and that just results in chaos. What can you do with so much mass confusion? Well what you can start is do body weight workouts because it is the safest way to workout and it will still get you the results you want. I do like body weights because it will build strength and endurance. If you want to get bigger you can go and lift the weights but be careful and I would recommend to watch some videos on lifting and start with light weights. When you do finally find the workouts you fall in love then you will get into great shape!!!

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Building Rpg Characters

Learn how to start building great Rpg characters in games like Skyrim and Dark Souls

What makes rpgs so special is that you can make the character you want to your own personality whether you want to be a sorcerer or a warrior you have that choice. In Skyrim and Dark Souls they give you that flexibility to do so. Those two games are the best when it comes to customizing your own character. When it came to Skyrim I would build a assassin archer by leveling up both my archery and sneak. So I would be able to take out my enemy from a distance without them noticing. I had a lot of fun with this build because I could take out a lot of enemies without being notice and the damage was huge because of the critical hits. What made this build even more fun is the dark brotherhood quests. My build was perfect for the assassin missions and it was the most fun I had that and the thief guild quests.


When it came to Dark Souls it give you even more flexibility because it does not matter which class you pick in the beginning because all it does it increases certain stats. If you pick a knight you can still learn magic or faith at the end of the game your character will be not the same as the class you picked. You will properly not even know the name of your build and make up the name for your build. You want to make sure your build is good both for PvP and PVE unless you dont care about PVP but it is a lot of fun. I build a sorcerer build because if you build around the right spells then you got a powerful build and it is a blast to play.

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